有關臺灣之西文譯著 Books on Taiwan in Western Languages

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BS3 Books on China 中國書目-臺灣出版及重印西文書目: 1980: A Cumulative List with Descriptions of Original and Reprinted Western-Language Titles Available from Taiwan. 1980. viii, 308pp. 4711871503014 500
CRAS 7 Wang Pao-hsien.臺灣各圖書館現存叢書子目索引; 前傅斯年圖書館館員王寶先編 Title and Author Index to Ts'ung- shu in Taiwan Libraries. Part I: Title Index, 1975.2 vols.. Part II: Author Index, 1977, Total 3 vol. set 4711871492936 5,800
OS 15 Robert L. Irick, ed. An Annotated Guide to Taiwan Periodical Literature 臺灣期刊指南, 1972.1973. ix, 174pp. 4711871496385 1,025
OS 28 Roy Hofheinz, Jr. A Catalog of Kuang-tung Land Records in the Taiwan Branch of National Central Library. 國家圖書館臺灣分館藏 廣東省各縣土地調查冊目錄 4711871492974 750
OS 32 William Ju, comp. Union List of Chinese Periodicals in Universities and Colleges in Taiwan 1976 (臺灣各大專院校中文期刊聯合目錄; 前中央圖書館館長:諸家駿編).xvii, 580pp. /td> 4711871492943 1,600
RAS 12 William Y. Chen. An Annotated Bibliography of Chinese Agriculture (中國農業研究書目注釋), 1993. xi, 391pp. 4711871503304 1,760
CW 153 Bibliography Of The Far Eastern Tropics. (Taiwan: 1938) (臺灣收藏遠東熱帶地區相關書目) 4711871499980 900
Description: A classified list of Western language monographs in eight institutions in Taiwan. The location of each work is identified. This bibliography covers the following topics: economics, finance, commerce, industry, agriculture, law, politics, sociology, education, religion, history, geography, linguistics, and science for the following areas: The Philippines, French Indo-China, Siam, British North Borneo, Sarawak Brunei, British Malaysia, British New Guinea, The South Sea Islands and The Netherlands East-Indies.
CW262 Annual Report On The Trade Of North Formosa 1886-1909, Of South-Formosa 1887-1909, Of The Island Of Formosa 1910-1914. (臺灣貿易年度報告:1886-1914 英國貿易同業公會編)F Foreign Office Annual Series, Diplomatic and Consular Report on Trade and Finance, Edited at the Foreign Office and Board of Trade of the United Kingdom. (London) 3 vols. 4711871496521 1,250
Description: These annual reports contain specific information, by commodity, concerning trade and commerce in Formosa by all nationalities. The date is presented in both narrative and tabular forms, with occasional maps. The principal ports included are Tamsui and Keelung in the north, and Tainan district in the South. Annual observations on local activity affecting trade and commerce, plus assessments of future prospects, form an integral part of each report.
CW 55 Campell, W. Formosa Under The Dutch(荷蘭統治下的臺灣). Described From Contemporary Records With Explanatory Notes And A Bibliography Of The Island. (London: 1903) 4711871496637 1,120
Divided into three parts, this work concerns the condition of Formosa under Dutch rule. The first part is a general description of the island's trade, religion and topography. The second part concerns the missionary work carried out by the Dutch while on Formosa. Part three retells the Chinese conquest of Formosa.
CW 255 Pickering, W. A. Pioneering In Formosa (臺灣之開創者). Recollections Of Adventures-among Mandarins, Wreckers And Head-Hunting Savages. With An Appendix On British Policy And Interests In China And The Far East. With 25 Illustrations. (London: 1898) 4711871496453 1,220
Pioneering in Formosa contains recollections of adventures of foreigners among the natives of Formosa before the turn of the century. Part of the book is a travelogue telling of modes of transportation and scenery, but most of the text deals with the lives of Formosa's various inhabitants.
CW 260 McGovern, J. B. M. Among The Head-Hunters of Formosa(獵人頭時代的臺灣). (London: 1922) 4711871496507 1,090
Written for the general public, the authoress, an anthropologist, records her observations after living among the aborigines of Formosa for two years, 1916-1918. Divided in two parts, the first is a sympathetic and highly personal account of her first encounter with Formosa and its native inhabitants. The second part is a straight forward description of the manners and customs of aboriginal tribes which she observed. Topics included are: racial stock, social organization, religious beliefs and practices, marriage, illness and death, arts and crafts, tattooing and other forms of mutilations and transportation Numerous illustrations. Index.
CW 226 Campbell, W. Sketches From Formosa (臺灣素描), With Illustrations. (London: 1915) 4711871496552 1,280
Published in commemoration of the fiftieth anniversary of the Presbyterian Mission in Taiwan. Campbell has written and compiled a series of anecdotes concerning his missionary experiences in Taiwan to illustrate the daily activities, successes, failures, and rewards of missionary work. The anecdotes also contain a variety on the indigenous people, the Japanese occupation, and the early missionary work by the Dutch.
CW 254 Davidson, J.W. The Island Of Formosa, Past And Present History(福爾摩沙史), People, Resources, And Commercial Prospect. With Illustrations And Two New Maps. (Yokohama: 1903) 4711871496446 1,760
The author served as a war correspondent with the Japanese Army during the takeover of Formosa in 1895 and was later appointed United States Consul for Formosa. The product of eight years of research, this volume is an exhaustive study of the history of Formosa from Dutch rule in 1514 to the beginning of the twentieth century. A considerable portion of this work is devoted to a description of natural resources, industry, and trade in Formosa. Detailed treatment is also given to the inhabitants and plant life of Formosa. The Appendix includes data on aborigine dialects, birds, mammals, and climate. Extensive index. A valuable source for students of Taiwan history and ethnography.
CW 165 Clark, J.D. Formosa(福爾摩沙). (Shanghai: 1896) 4711871500099 960
J.D. Clark having taken most of his information from the Decennial Reports of the Chinese Imperial Maritime Customs, 1882.1891, begins with a brief history of the events around the year 1882, and continues in fuller detail of the years between 1885 and 1895, and Japanese occupation. In addition to an historical description, the author, seeing Formosa as a rich island, pays particular attention to her industrial and agricultural aspects, with much detail on the two cities of Tamsui and Tainan.
CW 34 Imbault Huart, C. L'ile Formose (福爾摩沙). Histoire Et Description (Paris: 1893) 4711871496644 1,760
This work opens with an extensive annotated bibliography by H. Cordier of works related to Formosa in Chinese, Japanese, and European languages The historical portion of this work is based primarily on official Chinese accounts of Formosa and European scholarship. The history begins with Chinese raids on Formosa in 605 A.D. The Dutch occupation, rise and reign of Koxinga and his descendants, Ch'ing conquest, and Japanese occupation are discussed in turn. The descriptive portion is devoted to geography, political organization, agriculture, industry and commerce, the people, and travel in Formosa Maps and illustrations abound.
ALS 6 George Williams Carrington, Foreigners in Formosa (在福爾摩沙/台灣的外國人), 1841-1874. 1977. xiv, 308pp. Frontis., map, index 4711871503243 960
CW 259 Boehm, L. Formosa (臺灣封鎖下的一個故事), A Tale Of The French Blockade Of 1884-1885. China Coast Tales Series VI. No. 10. (Shanghai: 1906) 4711871496491 900
A fictional account of life among the family of a British consulate in Kantow, Formosa, allegedly based in fact. In an highly entertaining style the author attempts to impart the flavor of life in a treaty port before and after the Tientsin Massacre, which led to a French blockade and bombardment of Kantow.
CW 261 Dodd, J. Journal Of A Blockaded Resident In North Formosa (中法戰爭時北臺灣遭封鎖之日記), During The Franco-Chinese War 1884-1885 (Hong Kong: 1888) 4711871496514 1,250
Recorded by a foreign resident of the period, the events during the Blockade of Formosa by a French fleet (1884.85) are given in diary form. The author has also added chapters describing Keelung and Camphor districts.
CW 263 Foley, F. J. The Great Fromosan Impostor (臺灣的大騙徒). (St.Louis University: 1968) 4711871496538 990
A careful study of the life of a born impostor known as George Psalamanazar (1679-1763) who wrote. An Historical and Geographical Description of Formosa in 1704, a best seller in London, and who also passed himself off to the elite of Europe as a Formosan prince, until he was ultimately exposed and discredited. On the basis of painstaking documentary research the author separates fact and fiction in the life and works of his subject, the most important source being the Memoirs of Psalamanazar. Examples of the subjects own script, thirteen personal letters and a hitherto unpublished essay are published in full for the first time in the appendices.
CW 222 Band, E. Barclay Of Formosa (長老教會 Barclay牧師臺灣傳教史). (Tokyo: 1936) 4711871496576 1,090
The biography of Rev. Thomas Barclay (died 1935), Moderator of the Presbyterian Church of England, missionary in Taiwan from 1875 to 1927. This work focuses primarily upon Barclay's missionary work in Formosa before and during the Japanese occupation. It constitutes a history of the early years of the Presbyterian Mission through the life of one of its members.
CW 258 Johnston, J. China And Formosa (中國與臺灣). The Story Of The Mission Of The Presbyterian Church Of England. With Illustrations And Four Maps. (New York: 1897) 4711871496484 1,380
An history of the Presbyterian Mission in China from its origin in 1836, based on firsthand accounts of foreign missionaries in Amoy, Swatow, Formosa, and Singapore and supplemented by a search of Church reports, publications, and other document Several chapters are devoted to each of the areas designated above giving an account of the people, country, trials and tribulations, successes and failures of missionary work. This volume is well illustrated with detailed maps of each mission field. The appendix lists the missionaries assigned to China between 1847 and 1896, plus additional data concerning the progress of the church Index.
CW 257 MacKay, G. L. From Far Formosa (遙遠的臺灣). The Island, Its People And Missions. Edited By J. A. MacDonald. With Portraits, Illustrations And Maps. (New York: 1896) 4711871496477 960
This account of Formosa includes thorough descriptions of geography, animal and plant life, and some history. The main portion of the text is devoted to Dr. Mackay's experiences among the Chinese on Formosa in his attempts to Christianize them.
CW 217 MacLeod, D. The Island Beautiful(美麗之島-臺灣). The Story Of Fifty Years In North Formosa. (Canada: 1923) 4711871496569 990
An account of the Canadian Presbyterian Mission on Formosa. The author concentrates mainly on the progress of the mission and the amount and type of work being done by the missionaries. Also included information concerning schools, colleges, churches, hospitals, and the work of particular individuals.
CW 256 Landsborough, M. In Beautiful Formosa (美麗之臺灣). Being A Personally-Conducted Tour Of Boys And Girls To View The People, The Scenery, And The Work Of The Missionaries In Strange And Lovely Places. (London) 4711871496460 900
Written for children, this book contains the author's impressions of Formosa around 1900. Her aim was to inform Western youth about the Christian missionary efforts on Taiwan at this time. Therefore, many of her sketches concern the Chinese reactions to the idea of a western God and to the missionaries themselves.
CW 209 Moody, C. N. The Saints Of Formosa (臺灣之聖徒). Life And Worship In A Chinese Church. (London: 1912) 4711871496590 990
This volume is a Protestant missionary's account of how converts were won among the Formosans at Chang Hwa City, the "fence-sitters," the faith of the converts, those converts who became preachers, and the converts' view of the Mother church in the West.
CW 224 Campbell, W. An Account Of Missionary Success In The Island Of Formosa (臺灣傳教士成功之記述) (London: 1889) 2 vols. 4711871496583 2,240
Primarily the history of the Dutch mission in Formosa concerned mainly with the slate of the mission, not the people or their culture. The focus of this work is on missionary policies, specific missionaries, and personal experiences.
CW 27 Latourette, K. S. A History Of Christian Missions In China (中國基督教傳教史), (London: 1929) 4711871498754 2,400
A standard, scholarly reference on Christian missions in China. The author begins his history with an introduction into the religious background of the Chinese and then covers extensively, the stories of Protestants, Roman Catholics, Nestorians and the Russian Orthodox Church.
OS 40 Alan Frederick Gates. Christianity and Animism in Taiwan (臺灣的基督教與泛靈論) 1979. x, 262pp. Illus. 4711871502048 1,750
CW 264 Moody, C. N. The Heathen Heart (異教徒之心). An Account Of The Reception Of The Gospel Among The Chinese Of Formosa. (Edinburgh and London: 1907) 4711871496545 990
The primary purpose of this work is to describe the conversion process whereby Chinese (i.e. non-aboriginal) inhabitants of Taiwan adopted Christianity. The author gives a sympathetic portrayal of life in Taiwan under Japanese occupation, and describes the Chinese residents of Taiwan and their native beliefs. Reasons for conversion to Christianity are suggested and the lives of a number of converts are presented. The final portion of this work is devoted to the rigors of missionary work, the inability of returned missionaries to communicate with European congregations, and the deficient number of missionary workers.
ALS 32 Nancy Ing. Winter Plum 寒梅: Selected Fiction from Contemporary Taiwan. 1982. xxiv, 500pp. 4711871496415 1,470
CW 158 Ryozo Kanehira Anatomical Characters And Identification Of Formosan Woods (臺灣樹木結構特性之鑑識). With Critical Remarks From The Climatic Point Of View With 300 Micrographs. (Taipei: 1921) 4711871496620 1,440
The present work consits of an anatomical study of Formosan woods, the object being to determine the anatomical species, genera and families for the purpose of identifications in practice. The present work may also serve as a basis for the comparative study of all the known species. Lastly there is an attempt to correlate the anatomical differences with climatic conditions.
CW 167 Takiva Kawakami A List Of Plants Of Formosa(臺灣植物目錄))(Taipei, Taiwan: 1910) 4711871496613 960
A dictionary of 2,368 species of plants found on Formosa. Complete with diagrams and charts
ALS 16 Paul Vander Meer, Farm-plot Disposal: Lu-liao Village, Taiwan臺灣六寮村農場田地分散. 1967. 1982. xvii, 295pp. Pictures, tables, figures, maps, index. 4711871496439 1,790
CW 191 Provisional Report On Investigations Of Laws And Customs In The Island Of Formosa (台灣法律與慣習調查報告). (Kobe: 1900) 4711871500334 1,540
Under order of the Governor General of Formosa this study was undertaken in the hope that something could be done to improve the administration of the Island of Formosa under the Japanese. The study discusses various types of rent, tenancy deeds and pledges, and in effect gives the history and details or all things falling under the heading of administration. The appendix includes laws, rules and descriptions of customs regarding family life, such as guardianship, adoption, marriage and inheritance.
CW 302 Wine For The Gods (獻神) by WeiYi-min and Suzanne Coutanceau (1976) 4711871496361 1,040
CW 303 Urban Chinese Families: An Anthropological Field Study In Taipei City Taiwan By Mei-chun Tang (臺灣的中國都市家庭) (1978) 4711871496378 930
BAS 2 Lei Shu:Old Chinese Reference Works and A Checklist of Cited Titles Available in Taiwan (類書:台灣現藏類書綜表) Austin C.W. Shu (1973) 4711871496392 350
OS 21 Neglected Formosa:A translation from the Dutch of Frederic Coyett's Verwaerloosde Formosa (被遺忘的福爾摩沙 英文本譯自荷蘭文 by Inez Beauclair (1975) 4711871496422 980