Educations 教育

NO. Author/Title EAN 台幣
CW 150 Becker, C.H., et al The Reorganization of Education in China (中國教育的組織) (Paris: League of Nations' Institute of IntellectualCo-pcration.1932) 4711871499959 600
A detailed, in-depth study of the Chinese educational system conducted by a team of Internationally recognized educational experts. The study was conducted at the invitation of the Chinese government and was to serve as the basis for educational reforms. The team's mission was to study the contemporary situation in regard to public education and the long traditions of culture peculiar to the ancient civilization of China, and to submit recommendations on the most suitable procedure to be adopted to ensure a better adaptation of this educational system to the current conditions of life. The study includes a section on the different historical influences on Chinese education, a summary of the educational objectives of Chinese educators, a sociological examination into the social origins of the student body, plus separate chapters on the different levels of public education.
CW 280 Edmunds, C.K. Modern Education In China (中國現代教育). Bulletin 1919, No.44 of the Bureau of Education, Department of the Interior U.S.A. (Washington:1919) 4711871501058 480
This study surveys the status of government education in China in 1919. How education meets the needs of Chinese life, supply of teachers, extent of education are among the problems discussed. The report also describes urgent educational needs in some areas and tells of Christian missionary efforts in education.
CW 298 Freyn, Hubert Chinese Education in the War (抗戰中的教育) (Shanghai: Kelly & Walsh, Ltd., 1940) 4711871501232 480
An account of Chinese educational efforts during the Japanese occupation. Mr. Freyn not only describes the many schools and colleges which trekked west to do their part in the war of "resistance and reconstruction, " but also describes the efforts of those teachers and students who stayed behind in occupied territory. The author also devotes a section to the changed objectives of education during wartime-the attention given to mass literacy programs, physical training, and technical and vocational education. This book was published under the auspices of the Nationalist Council of International Affairs in Chungking, so it does not include any of the Communist-sponsored educational efforts.
CW 180 Triennial Meeting of the Educational Association of China, Records Of The Triennial Meeting Of The Educational Association Of China (中國教育協會三週年會議記錄). Held At Shanghai May 2-4, 1893 May 6-9, 1896; And May 17-20, 1899. (Shanghai: 1893, 1896, 1899) 4711871500228 860
This volume contains the minutes, papers, and addresses of three Triennial Meetings of the Educational Association of China, a body of Protestant missionary-educators. The 1893 record includes the constitution and by-laws of the association and all three give a list of members. The topics of the numerous papers presented at these meetings concern course material, administrative and physical problems, and the value of the Association. A useful volume for the study of Christian education in China.
RS 1 Ida Belle Lewis. The Education of Girls in China (中國女子教育). 1974. Reprint of Contribution to Education No.104, New York: Teachers College, Columbia University, 1919. (xii), 92pp. Foldout map. 4711871502079 300
CW 101 Biot, E. Essai Sur L'histoire De L'instruction Publique En Chine (中國歷代教育制度及科舉), El. De La Corporation Des Letters Depuis Las Anciens Temps Jusqu'a Nos Jours. (Paris: 1847) 4711871499461 1,000
This monumental work is a survey of the Chinese system of education and literary degrees from its legendary origins in prehistoric times until the mid. nineteenth century. Biot bases his account on two famous Chinese encyclopedias. Wen Hsien T'ung K'ao and Yu Hai, but confirms the accuracy of these sources by frequent reference to original sources from each period. The work is divided dynastically, with more lengthy attention given to the Han, T'ang, Sung, Ming and Ch'ing dynasties. Biot surveys education with regard to subject matter, examination system, evolution, reforms, relations with the Imperial Court, and public reaction at every level from the court and academies at the capital down to the level of primary schools in the localities.
CW 210 Etienne Zi (Siu) Le P. Pratique Des Examens Litteraires En Chine (中國之科舉制度- 文科舉). Varietes Sinologiques No.5. (Chang-Hai: 1894) 4711871500501 480
A detailed description of the literary examination system as functioning in the Ch'ing dynasty. The author traces the exam preparations, administration, evaluation and publication, and the awarding of degrees for all three major degrees, the hsiu-ts'ai, chu-jen and chin-shih. He also delineates the rankings and attendant privileges within each degree.
CW 211 Etienne Zi (Siu) Le P. Pratique Des Examens MUitaires, En-Chine (中國之科舉制度- 武試. Varietes Sinologiques No.9. (Chang-Hai: 1896) 4711871500518 460
A thorough explication of an often neglected and little known side of the famous Chinese examination system. The author describes and provides illustrations of the type of equipment involved in the military exams and traces the three part exam (calvary, infantry, and written) through the various levels of examination (hsien, prefecture, provincial,) for the first degree. The chu-jen exam is treated in detail, as is the ultimate examination for the chin-shih. This work is particularly relevant to the Ch'ing dynasty military examination system.
RS 49 Robert des Rotours. Le Traite des Examens. Nouvelle Hisloire des Tang (唐代科舉考試) (Chap. xliv, xiv). 1976. Reprint of 2d ed., revised and corrected, Bibliolheque de 1'Institut des Hautes Etudes Chinoises,vol. II. Paris: Ernest Leroux, 1932. (xii), 417pp. 4711871502550 500
RS 47 Cheuk-woom Taam. The Development of Chinese Libraries under the Ch'ing Dynasty (清代圖書館發展史), 1644-1911. 1977. Shanghai, 1935. (x), 107pp. 4711871502536 500
RS 11 Robert des Rotours. Traite des Fonctionnaires (唐代百官志) et Traite de I'Armee. 2d. ed., rev. & corrected, 1974. Reprint of Bibliotheque de I'lnstitut des Hautes Etudes Chinoises, vol. vi, Leiden: E. J. Brill,1948. (cxx), 499pp,+(iv), 594, (ii)pp. Foldout maps, and charts. 2 vols. 4711871502178 1,200