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NO. Author/Title EAN 台幣
A reprint of a series of essays appearing in T'oung-pao. This is a detailed discussion from classical Chinese texts of the origins of Chinese astronomy and its key terms and concepts. The opinions of European scholars are also examined. Scholarly footnotes and Chinese characters are included.
CW 58 Saussure, L. de Les Origines De L.'Astronomic Chinoise (中國天文學起源 :1932). A New Edition With The Book Review By Alexander Pogo (Isis, 1932, 17: 267-271) And The List Of Writings By Paul Pelliot T'oung Pao, 1926, 24: 298-230) (Paris: 1930) 4711871499058 850
An expanded version of the 1909 edition by the same title. This volume includes Saussure's essay "'Le texte astronomique du Yao-Tien" and another installment of "Les engines de 1'astronomie Chinoise" entitled "Le zodiac lunaire." The critical book review by Pago points out the items among Saussure's publications on Chinese astronomy in T'oung Pao which were inadvertently omitted in this collection of reprints. The bibliography of Saussure's writings by P. Pelliot is complete and is a valuable supplement to this volume. More than two-thirds of Saussure's extensive publications are related to the study of astronomy and cosmology in China.
CW 59 Schlegel, G. Uranographic Chinoise (星辰考原)Ou Preuves Directes Que L'Astronomie Primitive Est Originaire De La Chine, Et Qu'elle A Ele Empruntee Par Les Anciens Peuples Occidentaux A La Sphere Chinese: Ouvrage Accompanme D'un Atlas Celeste Chinois Et Grac. (Leiden: 1875) 2 vols. 4711871499065 1,400
A detailed history of the development of Chinese uranography attempting to prove that astronomy originated among the Chinese and was consequently borrowed and adapted by the people of Africa and West Asia. From Chinese classical texts Schlegel traces the course of astronomy from its beginnings in legendary times through the historic period to the nineteenth century. The primary topics of concern are the beginning of stellar observations and classification, the origin of the names of the constellations and their observation, zodiac concepts and planetary observation. Chinese achievements in these areas are compared to those of other ancient people, namely the Chaldeans, the Egyptians,, and the Greeks. Geographical, historical, and ethnographical proofs are adduced to established the antiquity of the Chinese relative to these people, and probable routes of transmission of astronomical data to Western Asia from China are discussed. Index.
OS 5 Wolfram Eberhard. Sternkunde und weltbid in Alten China: Gesammelte Aufsdtze (古中國之天文學). 1971. 417pp. 4711871501768 460
CW 166 Chung, H. H. A Catalogue Of Trees And Shrubs Of China (中國木本植物目錄)Memoirs Of The Science Society Of China Vol.1 No. 1. (Shanghai: 1924) 4711871500099 900
A Catalogue Of Trees And Shrubs Of China is the first attempt to bring together all records of the ligneous flora of China. The plants are divided into families, giving name and location.
CW 158 Ryozo Kanehira Anatomical Characters And Identification Of Formosan Woods (台灣樹木結構特性之鑑識). With Critical Remarks From The Climatic Point Of View With 300 Micrographs. (Taipei: 1921) 4711871496620 900
"The present work consits of an anatomical study of Formosan woods, the object being to determine the anatomical species, genera and families for the purpose of identifications in practice. The present work may also serve as a basis for the comparative study of all the known species. Lastly there is an attempt to correlate the anatomical differences with climatic conditions."
CW 167 Takiva Kawakami A List Of Plants Of Formosa (臺灣植物目錄))(Taipei, 1910) 4711871496613 600
A dictionary of 2,368 species of plants found on Formosa. Complete with diagrams and charts.
ALS 42 Penny A. Herbert and Teressa Hwang. Electroacupuncture in Veterinary Medicine (獸醫藥物針灸學). Edited by Sheila White, translated by 1984. 4711871501669 860
RAS 12 William Y. Chen. An Annotated Bibliography of Chinese Agriculture (中國農業書目註釋), 1993. xi, 391pp. 4711871503304 1,100
ALS 16 Paul Vander Meer, Farm-plot Disposal: Lu-liao Village, Taiwan (臺灣六寮村農場田地之分散). 1967. 1982. xvii, 295pp. Pictures, tables, figures, maps, index. 4711871496439 1,120
OS 28 Taiwan Branch of the National Central Library, compiled. A Catalog of Kuang-tung Land Records in the Taiwan Branch of National Central Library (國家圖書館臺灣分館藏 廣東省各縣土地調查冊目錄). Introduction by Roy Hofheinz, Jr. 1975. 4711871492974 460