Arts 藝術

NO. Author/Title EAN 台幣
OS 42 Lisa Lu, trans. "The Romance of the Jade Bracelet" and Other Chinese Operas (玉手鐲的羅曼史與中國歌劇). 1980. Deluxe HB ed. iv, 183pp. Illus. 4711871502062 1,200
ALS 23 Min-chih Yao, The Influence of Chinese and Japanese Calligraphy on Mark Tobey (1890-1976) (Mark Tobey 對中日書法之影響). 1983.iv, 43pp. Photos. 4711871501478 960
ALS 19 Calligraphy Edward Martinique, Chinese Traditional Bookbinding: A Study of Its Evolution and Techniques (中式書籍裝訂). 1983.xiv, 87pp. Biblio., index, illus. 4711871501430 900
ALS 20 Shiow-Jyu Lu Shaw, The Imperial Printing of Early Ch'ing China 1644-1805 (清初宮廷畫),. 1983. xviii, 88pp. Biblio., index, fig., illus 4711871501447 800
ALS 21 Constance Miller, Technical and Cultural Prerequisites for the Invention of Printing in China and the West (中西方發明印刷術的文化與工藝條件). 1983. x, 79pp. Biblio, index. 4711871501454 860
RS 54 Ernst Waldschmidt. Gandhara-Kutscha-Turfan: Eine einfuhrung in die fruhmitterliche kunst Zentralasiens (中亞、土魯番藝術介紹). 1976. Reprint of Leipzig: Klinkhardt & Biermann, 1925. (ii), 116pp. 66pp of plates. 4711871502604 620
CW 305 畢珍原著,慕馬丁譯 translated by Martin Mu YAJIO-Actor of Female Roles 1981 (旦角) 4711871501966 260
This is a colorful tale full of suspense, action and romance of a famed young man acting as a female warrior role called Yajio in Chinese Opera. Yajio is so pretty that his is pursued by everyone from lustful generals to licentious nuns. Gifted with kung fu skill and a quick wit-bolstered by a strong sense of moral out-range – always come to his rescue..