Travelogues; Geography & Ethnography 地理與遊記

NO. Author/Title EAN 台幣
CW 283 Crow, C. Handbook For China (中國旅遊手冊). (Including Hong Kong.) With 6 Maps and Plans, 5th Edition and Revised Throughout (Shanghai: 1933) 4711871501089 780
This expanded revision of The Traveler's Handbook for China (Shanghai, 1913) follows the same format giving general information, historical sketch, art and industry, brief discussion of the government, and a lengthy catalogue of points of interest and accommodations in North China, the Yangtze Valley, and South China. New in this edition is a discussion of native Chinese and foreign imported religions, and an essay "The Fauna and Flora of China" by Arthur de. C. Sowerby.
CW 277 Crow, C. The Traveler's Handbook For China (中國旅遊手冊). With 8 Maps and plans and 32 Illustrations. (San Francisco: 1913) 4711871501027 600
Intended merely as a traveler's handbook this work provides practical information for tourist, a brief introduction to the history, people, and arts and industries of China. The government of China is described briefly. Various cities and other sites in North China, the Yangtze Valley and South China are discussed providing historical sketches, guide? to points of interest, entertainment, and traveler's accommodations. All maps are large foldout maps.
CW 12 Playfair, G. M. H. The Cities And Towns Of China (中國城鎮地理字典)., A Geographical Dictionary. (Shanghai: 1910) 4711871498617 1,100
In part a revision of E. Biot's Dictionnaire des Villes Chinoises, published in1842, this work is an index to geographical, political and military subdivisions of Ch'ing China, major and minor towns and cities, and historical place names. The entries are arranged in alphabetical order according to Wade's romanization and are indentified by administrative status, latitude and longitude, and previous historical names. The appendices include synoptic tables of administrative districts in China, lists of towns in Tibet, Korea, and Japan, places mentioned by Marco Polo (indexed to this dictionary), the distribution of Mongolian tribes, and a list of principal rivers and lakes in China. Character index by radical.
CW 15 Herrmann, A. Historical And Commercial Atlas Of China (中國歷史商業地圖). Harvard-Yenching Institute Monograph Series, Vol. 1. (Cambridge, Mass: 1935) Reprint with original color reproductions and bound in brocaded stain 4711871498631 1,160
A standard reference for students of Chinese history, this atlas is comprised of color maps arranged in chronological order from legendary times to the Twentieth Century showing dynastic boundaries, internal subdivisions, and major sites as well as areas of Chinese activity outside of China proper during certain periods. For the modern period topical maps are provided showing the distribution of' economic activity, agriculture, minerals and mining, industry, and traffic and communications. Also included are maps of border areas. Index to geographical and proper names.
RS 7 John Thomson.Through China with a Camera (以照相機看中國). 1974. Westminster: A. Constable & Co., 1898.xiv, 284pp. Frontis., 100 photos. 4711871502130 460
CW 137 Bruce, C. D. In The Footsteps Of Marce Polo (馬可波羅遊記). Being The Account. Of A Journey Overland From Simla To Pakin. With Illustrations (London: 1907) 4711871499829 760
The author, a former British Officer in a Chinese Regiment, desiring to travel unbeaten paths, hired a guide, and set out on foot from Simla, the summer capital of India headed overland through Tibet, into China, and reached his final destination in Peking. In this book, which was written for those "less fortunate' than the author in the opportunities they may have had for gratifying that passion for wandering" the author writes of day to day occurrences as well as commenting on the passing surroundings and people. Included in the appendix is a complete record kept of the daily temperatures and weather conditions during the journey.
CW 159 Hutchinson, P. A Guide To Important Mission Stations In Eastern China (華東重要教會指南). (Lying Along The Main Routes Of Travel), With A Map. (Shanghai: 1920) 4711871500037 560
This guide book was compiled mainly for those travelers interested in missionary work being done in Eastern China. The author organized possible travel routes into eight main routes, with stopping points at important mission stations. He gives descriptions of cities and points of interest on all eight routes as well as, suggestions for accommodations and ease of travel. The eight routes are: Mukden to Peking, Peking to Puchow, and Peking to Hankow, Hankow and vicinity, Hankow to Shanghai, Nanking to Shanghai. Shanghai and vicinity. Shanghai to Canton.
CW 229 Forbes, F. E. Five Years In China: From 1842 To 1847(我在中國五年). With An Account of the Occupation of the Island Labuan and Borneo by Her Maj esty's Forces. 1848 4711871500655 820
The object of the author's travel through China was coin collecting. The search led him through many regions and brought him into contact with a great variety, of the inhabitants. Thus, this work deals with the lives, customs and manner of the Chinese as seen through the eyes of a traveler. It describes Chinese religion, commerce, food, architecture, and landscape.
CW 147 Fortune, R. A Residence Among The Chinese: Inland, On The Coast, And At Sea (中國的一個居民). Being a Narrative of Scenes and Adventures during A third Visit to China, From 1853 to 1856. Including Notices of Many Natural Productions and Works of Art, the Culture of Silk, etc.; With Suggestions on the Present War. With Illustrations. (London: 1857) 4711871499928 760
A narrative of scenes and adventure during the author's third visit to China, from 1853 to 1856, which takes him from the coast, near the five major ports, inland to the green and black tea countries. His narrative includes descriptions of tea cultivation, the care and rearing of silkworms, and the production of silk, along with the details of daily life wherever he travels.
CW 237 Smith, G. A. Narrative Of An Exploratory Visit To Each Of The Consular Cities Of China (在中國設有領事館城市探索之旅). And To The Islands Of Hong Kong And Chusan In Behalf Of The Church Missionary Society In The Yea-1844.1845, 1846. 4711871500730 1,200
The purpose of this book was to gather information about Chinese society for missionaries planning work. It includes observations on the moral, social and political conditions in Canton, Shanghai, Ningpo, Teen-Tung, Chusan, Foo-chow, Amoy and Hong Kong. The author's colorful accounts cover many aspects of Chinese life in these cities.
CW 181 Ready, O. G. Life And Sport In China (在中國的生活與運動), 2nd Ed. 1904 4711871500235 580
Written to convey an idea of how a European lived in China around the turn of the century. The author describes their daily life with details such as, how to handle servants, their work, and their own amusements, which were found' in the form of riding, shooting and sailing.
CW 131 Cradock, C. Sporting Notes In The Far East (遠東的運動記實). With Illustrations And Maps. (London: 1889) 4711871499768 600
Based on the shooting journal of the author, a sailor in the Royal Navy, this is a delightful guide to areas in which he hunted, primarily for fowl. The first portion of this work gives advice on caring for hunting dogs (including prescription for the treatment of sore feet and diarrhea for the dog), clothing, guns, type of waterfowl, land game, etc. The second portion gives a description of hunting areas, game, and experiences encountered in all the ports frequented by the author in Russian Tartary, Japan, Korea and China proper.
CW 236 Fortune, R. Three Years' Wanderings In The Northern Provinces Of China (中國北方各省漫遊記實). Including A Visit To The Tea. Silk, And Cotton Countries. With An Account Of The Agriculture And Horticulture Of The Chinese, New Plants, Etc. With Illustrations. (London: 1847) 4711871500723 960
This book covers many aspects of life in China, North, South and East. Special attention is' given to tea cultivation and agricultural methods in general. The remaining part of the book is travelogue description of customs, impressions of the Chinese character, geography and climate.
RS 10 John Henry Gray. Walks in the City of Canton (廣州市行走). 1974. Reprint of Hong Kong: De Souza& Co., 1875. (vi), vi, 695, Ixipp. 4711871502161 720
CW 272 Hurley, R. C. The Tourist' Guide To Canton, The West River And Macao (廣州旅遊指南). (Hong Kong: 1898) 4711871500976 520
This guide book offers a fascinating look into China's past. The author gives an introduction to the Chinese people in an effort to prepare the foreign visitor for cultural differences. He describes Chinese customs, traditional festivals, and then gives general tourist tips for travel and sightseeing.
RS 9 John Glasgow Kerr. A Guide to the City and Suburbs of Canton (廣州及郊區指南). 1974. Hong Kong: Kelly & Walsh, 1918. . Illus., foldout maps. 4711871502154 360
CW 285 Couling, S. and G. Lanning The History of Shanghai (上海史)(Shanghai: Kelley & Walsh, 1921) 4711871501102 1,300
Part I discusses the history of China leading to the opening of commercial relations with Western nations. Part II deals with the development of trade starting from the concession in Canton, to the addition and expansion of other bases on the coast, culminating in the history of Shanghai up to the beginning of the 20th century. Important topics include an apologetic for the "Opium Wars," discussion of the unusual nature of the smuggling problem, an examination of the development of "territoriality," and a discussion of the business conditions and living conditions for the foreign community in Shanghai.
CW 274 Darwent, C. E. Shanghai (上海指南): A Handbook For Travellers And Residents To Chief Object Of Interest In And Around The Foreign Settlements And Native City. With Map and Illustration. 2nd Edition Revised and Enlarge. (Shanghai) 4711871500990 620
This guide for travelers offers typical aids such as suggesting hotels, banks, newspapers, and shopping tips, but also offers descriptions of the various foreign settlements, Chinese institutions and festivals and a great deal of history of Shanghai.
CW 273 All About Shanghai And Environs (上海及近郊指南) A Standard Guide Book, Historical And Contemporary Facts And Statistics, Illustrated With Maps And Photography Edition 1934-35. (Shanghai) 4711871500983 620
Designed for people visiting Shanghai for the first time in 1935, this guide book also offers readers 40 years later a delightful taste of the flavor of Shanghai at that time. Tourist tip descriptions of the Chinese and lifestyles of foreigners are given. Also included, is history and other information relating to Shanghai.
CW 220 Pitcher, P. W. In And About Amoy (廈門). Some Historical And Other Facts Connected With One Of The First Open Ports In China. With Illustrations. (1912) 4711871500594 760
This book contains information on Amoy gathered during the author's stay of more than twenty-five years. The author tells something of Amoy's history, in particular about how foreigners and Chinese alike battle for Amoy's resources. A great deal of attention is devoted to the homes, customs, and language of the people.
CW 154 Cloud, F. D. Hangchow, The "City Of Heaven." (杭州-上有天堂下有蘇杭) With A Brief Historical Sketch Of Soochow. (Shanghai: 1906) 4711871499997 460
The author presents a description of the city of Hangchow and its environs, which includes the physical make-up of the city and many points of interest, such as: the Hangchow Bore. West Lake, monasteries, pagodas and an Indian incense market. He also includes a condensed version of The Legend of the White Snake and a brief historical sketch of Soochow.
CW 207 Baker, C. C. Tai Shan (東嶽泰山); An Account Of The Sacred Eastern Peak Of China. (Shanghai: 1925) 4711871500488 560
This volume is primarily a description of the landmarks encountered in the pilgrimage up the road to the summit of T'ai Shan, a holy mountain from China's antiquity. Numerous Taoist, Buddhist, and Confucian shrines that dot the Mountain side are described in detail with a brief-history of each. Other manmade structures and natural phenomena of significance are treated in a similar fashion. The Temples of the Jade Emperor and of Confucius at the summit are dealt with in greater detail as are other important summit sites. A special section is devoted to the Temple of the Mountain Tai (Tai-miao), the center of worship at the time this book was authored. The descriptive portion of this volume is followed by a summary of the Annals of T'ai Shan giving an account of the visits of Emperors from antiquity to the Ch'ing Dynasty, particularly detailed with respect to the latter.
CW 232 Little, A. J. Through The Yang-Tse Gorges, Or Trade And Travel In Western China (穿越長江峽谷-上海到重慶). With Map And Illustrations. (London: 1898) 4711871500686 760
A journal kept by the author during a two-month's journey from Shanghai to Chungking. The information in the journal includes general observations on the society, the level of industrial development, cultural characteristics, landscape, and the economy.
CW 171 Thomas, R. D. A Trip On The West River (西江之旅-香港到廣州). New Going And Coming. (Canton: 1903) 4711871500136 460
A complete arm chair travel guide for a trip on the Sai Kong, or West River. The Sai Kong is the third largest river in the empire of China, and second only to the Yangtse in importance. The author gives a complete narrative of the journey, starting with a short trip from Hong Kong to Canton. He describes the industry and particulars of certain towns, and relates some legends connected with various scenes on the journey up and down the river.
CW 238 Barrow, J. Travels In China (中國旅遊記). Containing Descriptions, Observations, And Comparisons. Made And Collected In The Course Of A Short Residence At The Imperial Palace Of Yuen-Min-Yuan, And On A Subsequent Journey Through Peking To Canton. (London: 1806) 4711871500747 1,160
Written by a member of Lord MacCartney's embassy to Peking in 1798, this volume is an account of that mission with additional comments on the nature of Chinese culture, state, and society. Of special interest are the descriptions of the Imperial Palace in Peking, the Emperor's villa in Jehol, and Barrow's observations on the life and character of the Ch'ien-lung Emperor. Among other topics of interest are comments on science, medicine, land tenure and taxation, civil and military organization, public works, agriculture, and the status of foreign residents in Canton. A rare, early volume for students of the Ch'ing period.
CW 195 Ainscough, T. M. Notes From A Frontier (邊境記實-四川). (Shanghai: 1915) 4711871500372 460
This volume is essentially an essay on frontier problems in Szechuan, in 1913. The author analyzes obstacles inhibiting trade in Szechuan, the attitude of the China Jung states (semi-Tibetean tribes) toward the Republic of China, the problem oi pacification of the Lolo tribes in the heart of Szechuan, and the effect of the prohibition of opium trade on the Chang-ch'ien Valley, site of the best opium in Szechuan. A geo-political history of Chinese Tibet and some remarks on the attempt to build the Bhamo-Tengyueh Railway linking India and China are included in this volume. Illustrations.
CW 246 Bishop, J. F. Yangtze Valley And Beyond (長江峽谷-四川). An Account of Journeys In China, Chiefly In The Province Of Sze Chuan And among the Man-tze of the Somo Territory, with Maps And 116 Illustrations. (London: 1899) 4711871500822 1,100
This travelogue is authored by a lady traveler in Szechuan. The author spent eight months travelling in Szechuan, during 1897. Since her trio was undertaken for pleasure, this book is written on the basis of her personal diary, letters, and photographs. She gives a very detailed account of the geography, products, and people of the areas in which she travelled.
CW 173 Baber, E. C. Travels And Researches In Western China (中國西部的旅客及研究者). Royal Geographical Society Supplementary Papers. Vol. 1, Part I. (London: 1882) 4711871500150 860
This volume is primarily the product of notes taken during a journey from Chunking to Ch'eng-tu, the capital of Szechuan, from Ch'eng-tu to Mt. Omei, then through the Chang-ch'ien valley into Yunnan. The. Author presents detailed ethnographic notes on the countryside and culture clusters that he passed through, giving information on customs, buildings, implements, artifacts, trade, religious beliefs and facilities, natural wonders, terrain, etc. The Lolo people are treated extensively. The author reproduces eight plates of a Lolo text and discusses their language. Tables recording temperatures, altitudinal measurements, and location of sites by lattitude are appended to this section. The other reports published in this volume include notes on a jourrfey through western Yunnan from Tali-fu to T'eng-yueh and a short note on Szechuan tea trade with Tibet. Well executed foldout maps of the journeys are included.
RS 78 Sven Hedin. Across the Gobi Desertn(穿越戈壁沙漠). Translated by H. J. Cant. 1977. New York: E. P. Dutton, 1932. xxi, 402pp. Frontis, 114 illus., 3 maps. 4711871502840 880
CW 196 Hedley, J. On Tramp Among The Mongols (蒙古行走).Shanghai: 1906 4711871500389 760
The Rev. John Hedley made his journey among the Mongols partly for geographical research and partly for missionary investigation. The research involved exploration of the Laoho from near its source to its junction with the Shiramuren, and exploration of the main route from this junction to an important barter market, K'uluku. In addition he surveyed the direct road from K'uluku to the cities of Ch'aoyang and Chinchoufu. The cultures of the people encountered on this journey are described in detail.
CW 235 Hosie, A. Three Years In Western China (在西部三年-四川雲南貴州)), A Narrative Of Three Journey In Ssu-Ch'uan, Kuei-Chow, And Yun-Nan. 1897 4711871500716 800
Three journeys to Szechuan, Kweichow, and Yunnan are narrated in this book. The author describes the habits, customs, and superstitions of the indigenous population in the areas. Also noted are topography, agriculture, crops, and trade.
CW 113 Davies, H. R. Yun-Nan (雲南), The Link Between India And The Yangtze. (Cambridge: 1909) 4711871499584 1,100
This work has a varied format. The author presents a discussion of the possibilities of railway construction in Yunnan Province and the efforts that were being made to build a railroad from Burma through Yunnan to Szechuan. The author was in charge of the Yunnan. Railway Company expedition of 1898 to do reconnaissance work for the laying of the line. The major portion of this volume is a travelogue account of places, people, and things that the author witnessed in 5,500 miles of travel in Yunnan and surrounding provinces. The appendices include topical essays on the topography, population, climate and products of Yunnan, the prospects of railroading in the province, and a description of indigenous tribes of Yunnan. Also included in the appendix are comparative vocabulary lists of Mon-Kkmer and Tibeto-Burman language families in Yunnan and Western Szechuan, and a map.
CW 242 Johnston, R. F. From Peking To Mandalay (北京到緬甸). A Journey From North China To Burma Through Tibetan Szechuan And Yunnan. With Map And Illustrations. 1908 4711871500785 1,100
The journey to Burma, Tibetan Szechuan and Yunnan recounted in this book was taken solely for personal interests of the author. 'His route had never been taken by a European. This work offers account of the places traversed and the life, customs, and beliefs of the many different ethnic groups encountered. The appendices otter a comparative vocabulary list and an itinerary with observations. Informational notes and Index.
CW 241 Anderson, J. Mandalay To Momien (緬甸到雲南): A Narrative of the Two Expeditions to Western China of 1868 and 1875 under Colonel E.B. Sladen and Colonel H. Browne. With Maps and Illustrations. (London 1876) 4711871500778 1,100
An account of two missions from Burma into Yunnan, China in 1868 and 1875. Due to changed political conditions the latter mission was attacked while in China and driven out. A lengthy account of the first mission is given as background and contrast for the second. In addition to notice of the vicissitudes of foreigners involved, these accounts contain ethnographic data about the various ethnic groups encountered, particularly the Kakhyen in Burma, the Mahommedans of Yunnan, and the Chinese Shans.
CW 168 Andrews, R. C. and Andrews, Y. B. Camps And Trails In China (中國的營地與小徑- 自福建 海南島 河內 雲南到緬甸之行). A Narrative Of Exploration, And Sport In Little-Known China. With Illustrations and Maps (New York, London: 1920) 4711871500105 860
A popular narrative of an Asiatic Zoological Expedition sponsored by the American Museum of Natural History from 1916-17. The major portion of this account is devoted to the travels, experiences, and collective activities of the expedition as it traversed Fukien, Hainan Island, from Hanoi up the Mekong River into Western Yunnan, and back into Burma. Although technical, scientific reporting has been eschewed by the authors of this volume; they frequently describe the type of wildlife encountered, hunted, and collected by their party. This constitutes the special feature of this work relative to other travel accounts.
CW 234 Colquhoun, A. R. Across Chryse (從廣州到緬甸之旅). Being the Narrative Of A Journey of Exploration through the South China Border Lands from Canton to Mandlay. With 3 Specially Prepared Maps, 30 Facsimiles of Native Drawings, and 300 Illustrations. (London: 2 vols.) 4711871500709 1,460
This narrative tells of the journey of Colquhoun through the South China borderlands. Mr. Colquhoun gives detailed and colorful descriptions of all things relating to the trip including preparations, methods of travel, problems encountered, etc. His account of his .trip covers most aspects of the culture and lives of the people, including customs, language differences, clothing, architecture, religion, politics, and economics, as well as geography.
CW 144 Morrison, G. E. An Australian In China (一位澳洲人-自四川至緬甸之旅), Being The Narrative Of A Quiet Journey Across China To Burma, 2nd Ed. (London: 1895) 4711871499898 600
A narrative of the author's journey across China to Burma. He describes his 1500 mile voyage up the Yangtze River as far as Chungking, Then, dressed as a Chinese, his extended excursion of another 1500 miles along the overland highway over western China-the Chinese Shan States, and Kachin hills to the frontier of Burma. Includes many illustrations, mostly from photographs by Mr. C. Jensen of the Imperial Chinese Telegraphs.
CW 80 Cutzlaff. C. Journal Of Three Voyages Along The Coast Of China In Siam, Corea, And The Loochoo Islands (三次航行中國海岸記實). (London: 1834) 4711871499263 900
The purpose of Mr. Cutzlaff's journeys was to observe the state of religion in China native religions and Christianity brought from the West. He gives a description of each of China's indigenous religions, foreign missionary efforts, and' the Chinese reaction to them.
CW 179 Brown, E. Cochin-China And My Experience Of It (越南之我見). A Seaman's Narrative Of His Adventures Ana Sufferings During Captivity Among Chinese Pirates On The Coast. Of Cochin-China, And Afterwards During A Journey On Foot Across That Country L" The Years 1857-8. (London: 1861,) 4711871500211 600
The author narrates a wide variety of unique experiences in this volume. After arriving in Hong Kong he took employment as the captain of a Chinese vessel, was later captured by pirates, forced to become a member of a pirate crew, engaged in a number of raids, and finally escaped (after being wounded) to a Cochin village. Brown describes the customs and life of his hosts as well as various aspects of their economy. Under escort across Cochin country, the author notes the actions of his escorts and of Mandarin officials encountered, as well as penal conditions and practices, having been lodged in several prisons in the course of his journey. The life and customs of various groups across Cochin-China are also described.
CW 228 Adams, W. H. Davenport, In The Far East (中南半島之旅). A Narrative Of Exploration And Adventure In Cochin-China, Cambodia, Laos, And Siam. With 28 Illustrations. (London:1881) 4711871500648 600
Written in travelogue, fashion, this work is a description of places and people encountered by a young Frenchman during a trip up the Mekong river from its mouth into southern China and back again. Provided with numerous etchings.
CW 245 Reid, A. From Peking To Petersburg (自北京到聖彼得堡). With Frontipiece And Map. (London:1899) 4711871500815 780
The purpose of this journey from Peking to St. Petersburg was not adventure, but rather to judge the use of the Trans-Siberian Railway and to observe the political situation in Asia. Mr. Reid describes travel accommodations, the cities, and reactions of the inhabitants to foreigners.
CW 206 Bell, C. Tibet Past & Present (西藏今昔). (Oxford: 1924) 4711871500471 760
An extensive, intimate history of Tibet and its leaders by an experienced diplomat and Tibetan linguist. The author spent time with the Dalai Lama in exile from 1910 to 1912, then became the first foreign diplomat invited to Lhasa where he spent nine months in 1920-21. The primary focus of this history is on politics, internal and international. The author gives a brief survey of the land, people and climate of Tibet, its early history, rule by priest-Kings, and the Dalai Lamas. Having served in areas adjacent to Tibet on the Indian side the author is able to give an insider's perspective of the activities of Britain in relation to Tibet and of the vicissitudes of the Dalai Lama from 1885 onward. Sino-Tibetan relations occupy a major part of the history of this period. The author also traces the fate of Tibeta" related people in Bhutan, Sikkim Nepal, Southwest China, and Mongolia. The appendixes include the translation of historic Tibetan documents and modern international agreements
CW 250 Carey, W. Travel And Adventure In Tibet (西藏之旅). With 75 Illustrations Also Including The Diary Of Miss Annie R. Taylor's Remarkable Journey from Tau-Chau to Ta-Chien-Lu through the Heart of the Forbidden Land. (London: 1902) 4711871500860 860
The purpose of this volume is to publish the diary of Miss Tayior's journey across Tibet in 1892-1893. The volume is divided into two parts In part I, Carey gives a general introduction to the history of the people, the government, and the religion of Tibet. He also records Miss Tayior's first contact with the Tibetans' in 1887. Part II is an edited version of Miss Tayior's remarkable diary which she kept faithfully every day of her seven month sojourn in Tibet. A refreshing look at the experience of one of the first European women to travel alone in the Tibetan highlands.
CW 114 Clarke, S. R. Among The Tribes In Southwest China (中國西南之種族), 1911 4711871499591 800
Written by a missionary resident of Kueichow Province for twenty years, the primary focus of this volume is on the non-Chinese residents of Kueichow and missionary labor among them. Part I is an ethnographic report about Kueichow, the Miao, Shan. and Lolo tribes. The Miao are treated most extensively with separate chapters devoted to Miao languages and customs, legends, and religious beliefs and practices. Part II is a history of Protestant missionary work among the Miao and other non-Chinese inhabitants of Kueichow.
CW 205 De Filippi, F. An Account Of Tibet (西藏記實). The Travels Of Ippolito Desideri Of Pistoia S.J. 1712-1727. With an Inundation by C. Wessels.S.J. (London: 1932) 4711871500464 840
This account, written by Father Ippolito Desideri, of the Society of Jesus, during his travels and missionary work in Tibet form 1712-1733, describes his travels to and from Tibet as well as the nature, character, customs, and civil government of Tibet. One section of this work explains Tibetan religion and its hierarchy, discussing such things as their concept of hell, rules of conduct, and vices and virtues.
CW 244 Fergusson, W. N. Adventure Sport And Travel Tibetan Steppes (西藏草原之旅). With Illustrations from photographs by the Author and Late Lieut. Brooke, and Two Maps. (London: 1911) 4711871500808 780
Based on the diaries of John Westen Brooke and on the personal observations of the author, this volume is the account of two journeys into the steppes of Tibet. An account is given of an interview with the Dalai Lama, then in exile, and of the repeated frustration of attempts to enter Lbassa. Reference is made to hunting wild game. Ethnographic data is included on the Man and, Lolo tribes.
CW 149 Gordon T. E. The Roof Of The World (世界之脊). Being The Narrative Of A Journey Over The High Plateau Of Tibet To The Russian Frontier And The Oxus Sources On Pamir. Illustrated With 66 Drawings Done On The Spot And A Map. 1876 4711871499942 680
The narrative in this volume was written primarily to complement the numerous sketches made by the author during the course of his journey through, Turkestan. The illustrations are superbly executed and the narrative is readable and lucid. This volume presents a wealth of data concerning the geography, natural life, and people of the regions traversed.
CW 172 Huc, M. Recollections Of A Journey Through Tartary, Thibet. And China. During The Years 1844, 1845 And 1846 (韃靼/蒙古、西藏之旅). A Condensed Translation by Mrs. Percy Sinnett. (London: 1852) 4711871500143 &700
A partial translation of the record of Father Hue's journey among the Mongol Tartars, Tibetans, and Chinese in Tibet, The translator omitted a general survey of Tartary history and some of the comments on the nature of Buddhism. The journey was undertaken for the purpose of studying the character and manners of the Tartars and to determine the geographical extent of a newly created vicariate apostolic. Consequently, the author describes manners, customs, economic activity, social and political organization, religious beliefs and practices, festivals, customs, and the attitude of the people, Lama's in particular, toward Christianity among the Mongols and in Tibet.
CW 249 Landor, A. H. S. In The Forbidden Land (在禁區之旅-拉薩), An Account Of A. Journey In Tibet Capture By The Tibetan Authorities Imprisonment, Torture, And Ultimate Release. With 17 Illustrations Also Including The Enquiry And Report By J. Larkin, Esq., Appointed by Government Of India. (London: 1904) 4711871500853 860
In this volume Landor presents an account of his adventures on a trip into the forbidden province of Lhassa in 1897 and his subsequent exploration of the sources of the Brahmaputra River.
CW 152 Pratt, A. E. To The Snows Of Tibet Through China (經四川到雪地西藏). With Illustrations and a Map. (London: 1892) 4711871499973 700
In one year's time the author made a trip of more than 300 (English) miles through the province of Szechuan. His journey was one primarily of zoological interest. Therefore, much of his description is concerned with the wildlife and plant life encountered on the way. Included in the appendixes is a map showing his route, and three lists: The first (1) birds found, the second (2) species of reptiles and fishes, including descriptions and pictures, and. (3) Lepidoptera.
CW 140 Knight E. F. Where Three Empires Meet (三個帝國鄰接地帶之旅-中英俄). A Narrative Of Recent Travel In Kashmir, Western Tibet, Gilgit, And The Adjoining Countries. With A Map And 54 Illustrations, 3rd Ed. (London:, 1893) 4711871499850 860
The author, in narrating his own experiences, tried to confine himself to a plain statement of what he saw and did not attempt to theorize as to what should be done or left undone on this frontier where the three empires of Russia, Great Britain and China met. During his travels he had the opportunity to accompany a friend on an official tour of the State of Kashmir, to visit the mystic land of Ladak, and to take part in an expedition against the raiding Hunza-Nagars.
CW 163 Cooper, T. T. The Mishmee Hills (Mishmee山-自阿薩姆穿越西藏記實). An Account Of A Journey Made In An Attempt To Penetrate Thibet From Assam To Open New Routes For Commerce. (London: 1873) 4711871500075 600
An account of a journey from Assam via the Bramapootra River valley through Mishmee country to Tibet. The author describes in detail difficulties encountered in raising the expedition and keeping it together as well as hunting parties and other activities Also described are the social organization, dress, and customs of the various ethnic groups that he encountered: the people of Assam, the Rhamtee, and the Mishmee. The terrain, me animal, and me insect life along the journey route are also referred to.
CW 164 McGovern, W. M. Mon Voyage Secret A Lhassa.(神秘拉薩之旅) (Paris.) 4711871500082 680
Designed for the general public, this work is a firsthand report, based on a six month stay in Lhasa, of the geography, life, customs and institutions of Tibet including a private interview with the Balai Lama. The author was a scholar rather than a lay traveler, therefore the information recorded in this volume has added value.
CW 248 Waddell, L. A. Lhasa And Its Mysteries (拉薩及其奧秘), With A Record Of The Expedition Of 1903-1904. With 200 Illustrations And Maps. (London:1905) 4711871500846 1,300
The author, a British functionary of longstanding in Burma and areas adjacent to Tibet, accompanied a march of British troops into Lhasa in 1903-04. In this volume the author traces the early history of Tibet, the origin of its Grand hierarchy and the political background of the military mission. In addition to a travelogue of sites seen by the expedition and the obstacles which it encountered, the author includes topical essays on the military and religious organization of the Tibetans, Lhasa, the life of the Dalai Lama, and religious activity in the capital. In the discussions of Buddhism, comparison is made between practices and beliefs in Tibet, Burma, China and Japan.
CW 143 Ward, F. K. The Land Of The Blue Poppy (藍色罌粟的大地). Travels Of A Naturalist In Eastern Tibet (Cambridge: 1913) 4711871499881 600
A record of .the author's experiences and observations in Western China and south-eastern Tibet during 1911 when he was engaged in collecting plants for a horticulture firm in England. Contains maps and photographs of the area covered, along with an appendix giving a list of plants collected during the expedition.
CW 243 Rockhill, W. W. The Land Of The Lamas (喇嘛寺地區之旅) Notes Of A Journey Through China, Mongolia, And Tibet. With Maps And Illustrations. (New York: 1891) 4711871500792 780
Rockhill devotes the major portion of this work to a description of Kansu and Tibet and he provides historical, geographic, and ethnographic data on these areas. Among the people described are Mohammedans and Mongols in. Kansu and various ethnic groups in Tibet. The Supplementary Notes include short essays on topics such as "Divination by Shoulder-blades," and "The Origin of the Tibetan People," a translation from the Mani Kambum chapter XXXIV.
CW 160 Griffith, W. Journals Of Travels In Assam, Burma, Bootan, Afghanistan And The Neighboring Countries (阿薩姆、緬甸、阿富汗及周邊國家之旅). Posthumous, Papers Bequeathed to The Honorable The East India Company. (Calcutta: 1847) 4711871500044 1,000
An account of the author's botanical excursions through Assam, Burma, Bootan, Afghanistan, and the neighboring countries. It includes many charts giving native name, family, and descriptions of the plants observed during his journey.
CW 161 Vambery, A. Sketches Of Central Asia (中亞細亞速寫). Additional Chapters On Travels, Adventures, And On The Ethnology Of Central Asia. (London: 1868) 4711871500051 760
This work is comprised of recollections of the author about one year spent traveling as a dervish among the people of Central Asia and of ethnographic notes concerning the people with whom he met and lived. Among the ethnic groups described are the Turkomans, Uzbegs, Tartars, and people of Turanian and Iranian identity. Topical essays include housing, food and dress, slave trade and slave life in Central Asia, the ancient history, of Bokhara taken from a Persian manuscript, and the literature of settled and nomadic Islam nations.
RS 62 Albert Herrmann. Die Alien Seidenstrassen Zwischen China und Syrien: Beitrage zur alten geographic Asiens, I. Abteilung: Einleitung. Diechinesischen quelien. Zentralasien nach Sse-ma Ts'ien und den annalen der Han-dynastie (中國敘利亞之間漢朝絲綢之路). 1977. Reprint of Tientsin, 1941 reprint of Berlin: Weidmannsche Buchhandlung, 1910. (ii), xxxii, 410pp. Foldout map. 4711871502680 460
OS 37 Clarence Burton Day. The Birth Pangs of Pakistan (巴基斯坦之陣痛). 1977. viii, 4711871502017 720