Language 語言

NO. Author/Title EAN 台幣
CW 38 Lacouperie, T. de The Languages Of China Before The Chinese (中國人的語言). Researches On The Languages Spoken By The Pre-Chinese Races Of China Proper Previously To The Chinese Occupation. (David Nun, Strand, London: 1887) 4711871498853 460
Taking the view that the Chinese had gradually occupied China, only achieving nominal occupation during the seventeenth century A.D., this study concerns not only the non-Chinese languages of antiquity, but also languages of aboriginal people in various parts of China to the eighteenth century. This work is based on traces of aboriginal dialects in the Chinese language and ancient works such as the Erh-ya, Fang-yen, and Shuo-wen, in addition to firsthand reports by European travelers. The Mon-Tai, Mon-Khmer, Tai-Shan and Kuenlunie dialects are discussed in detail. The mutual influence of the language of the aborigines and Chinese intruders are also examined.
CW 182 Douglas, R. K. The Language And Literature Of China (中國的語言與文學). Two Lectures Delivered At The Royal Institution Of Great Britain In May And June, 1875. 4711871500242 460
Two lectures which were delivered at the Royal Institute of Great Britain in May and June 1875, by Robert K. Douglas of the British Museum, and professor of Chinese at Kings College, London. The first lecture, concerning itself with the Chinese language, presents the six classes into which the native philologists have divided Chinese characters. Mr. Douglas discusses each class giving several examples of each. In the second lecture, or Chinese literature part of the book, Douglas discusses the nine Chinese Classics, the writings and teachings of Confucius, the Chinese play, and contemporary literature.
CW 301 Arthur H. Smith Proverbs and Common Sayings from the Chinese (中國諺語與俗話) 4711871501263 1,400
Explained in this book are about 1900 phrases, proberbs, couplets, odes, etc., and more then 300 examples are included. The field covered is so wide that it virtually covers every aspect from the daily life to the universe. One may be surprised to notice the richness of the Chinese language after an examination of the Chinese proverbial sayings.
CW 251 Brandt, J. J. Wenli Particles (虛字指南). With A Foreword By Hardy Jowett (Peiping: 1929) 4711871500877 600
This book is a collection of 194 most commonly used particles (hsu-tz'u), The particles are classified into twenty-seven categories according to their general functions and each function is elucidated. The major portion of this work consists of an alphabetical arrangement of the 194 particles according to the Wade system of romanization. The specific function, or functions, of each particle are defined, and numerous textural illustrations are given. A handy concise volume dealing with one of the most troublesome aspects of the Chinese written language for foreign students.
CW 10 Giles, H. A. A Chinese-English Dictionary (漢英文言文大字典). (Shanghai & London: 1898, 2nd Ed. Revised & Enlarged 1912). Reprint 2 vols. in 1. 4711871492813 1,900
Still considered to be the best dictionary of its kind, this revised edition presents 10,926 Chinese characters with romanization into the following dialects: Mandarin, Cantonese, Hakka, Foochow, Wenchow, Ningpo. Peking Mid-China, Yangchow, Szechuan, Korean, Japanese, and Annamese. The rhyme group of each character in the P'ei Wen Yun Fu is noted. The characters are arranged alphabetically, but a radical index arranged by stroke is included. A large number of binomes and phrases are presented and translated to illustrate the Chinese meaning, of each character This work is prefaced with a number of useful tables including romanizalion of family names, dynastic reigns, topographical and calendrical terms.
CW 200 Mathews, R. H. Kuoyu Primer (英華合璧). Progressive Studies In The Chinese National Language. (Shanghai: 1938) 4711871492820 1,200
Designed to introduce students to Chinese characters, their usage, and the grammatical structure of modern Mandarin dialect. Forty vocabularies lists giving the character, romanizalion, definitions, and usage of 1,354 characters are interspersed among 265 sections each explaining one grammatical point with illustrations taken from contemporary modern Mandarin writings, the Chinese Bible, and other sources. Forty groups of miscellaneous examples and English sentences for translation appear intermittently. The second part of this volume is devoted to vocabulary lists on subjects ranging from human anatomy to astronomy. This volume is indexed by character and phrase. Still a useful language tool.
M 6 Tse-tsung Chou. A New Index to Mathews' Chiese-English Dictionary (麥氏漢英字典索引).. Wisconsin: 1972. (26), 314pp. 4711871503137 260
CW 96 Couvreur, F. S. Dictionaire Classique De La Langue Chinoise (中法古文字典): 2nd Ed. (Shanghai: 1930) 4711871499416 1,900
This dictionary includes approximately 21,400 characters arranged according to radical and stroke. It is based upon premier Chinese dictionaries of the Ming and Ch'ing periods. Definitions are illustrated by examples taken for the most part from classical texts, i.e. texts from the Chou dynasty to the Ch'ing dynasty. Some illustrations are provided from contemporary official documents, literature, and colloquial language.
CW 32 Karlgren, B. Analytic Dictionary Of Chinese And Sino-Japanese(中日分析字典). 1923 4711871498808 1,100
This is a technical, analytical dictionary best appreciated by the philologist, but also useful to the more casual student of the Chinese language. Karlgren introduces his work with a lucid explanation of his transcription system, a lengthy discussion of the ancient Ch'ieh-yun (a dictionary of the sixth century A.D.) system and the evolution of spoken Chinese from Ancient Chinese to the modern Mandarin dialect, and an analysis of the method of creating phonetic compounds. Characters are listed under either their Mandarin sound or according to their phonetics. Mandarin, Cantonese, Ancient Chinese, and Japanese pronunciations, are given along with definitions, comments on the composition or other technical aspects of the character, pronunciation, etc. Indexed by "radical" and stroke.
CW 61 Karlgren, B. Grammata Serica (中日漢字行聲論)高本漢著. Script And Phonetics In Chinese And Sino-Japanese. (Reprinted From The Bulletin Of The Museum Of Far Eastern Antiquities, Stockholm.) 4711871499089 800
An indispensable tool for Chinese linguistics, philology, and classical texts. Valuable for study of the evolution of Chinese script, pronunciation and determination of possible loan characters. Karlgren introduces this work with learned essays on the phonetic evolution of Chinese from archaic to ancient and from ancient to modern Mandarin. The main body of Grammata Serica is composed of characters which occur in each of the following sources: oracle bones, bronzes, pre-Ch'in and some early Han texts The characters are arranged chronologically from their earliest form and in phonetic series. For each character Karlgren provides his reconstruction of the archaic pronunciation, the ancient sound based primarily on the Ch'ieh-yun dictionary of the sixth century A. D., and the modern Mandarin. The most important meanings in pre-Han texts are also recorded and the source identified. A character index arranged by radical completes this volume.
CW 76 Hirth, F. Text Book Of Modern Documentary Chinese (新關文件錄). For The Special Use Of The Chinese Customs Service, By F. Hirth. 2nd Edition Rearranged, Enlarged, And Edited By C.H. Brewitt-Taylor. (Shanghai: 1909) 4711871499225 1,400
This greatly enlarged edition of Hirth's original work contains examples of the types of documents officials in the Chinese Customs Service were likely to encounter: official forms, dispatches, letters, petitions, treaties, rules, notifications, edicts, and memorials Part One consists of the texts of these documents arranged in original form. Part Two includes either vocabulary lists, or translations with vocabulary and grammatical notes for the documents A very useful language aid for students of the late Ch'ing period.
ALS 3 John A. Mamey, A Handbook of Modern Chinese Grammar (現代中文文法手冊). 1977. 78pp. 4711871501294 260
ALS 5 Shou-hsin Teng, A Basic Course in Chinese Grammar: A Graded Approach Through Conversational Chinese (中文文法基本課程). 1977. xii, 135pp. 4711871501317 300
OS 31 Alvin P. Cohen. Grammar Notes for Introductory Classical Chinese (中文初級文法註釋), rev. 2d ed., 1980. (viii), 61pp. 4711871501959 220
ALS 40 Teresa Tien, Practical Handbook of Modern Chinese Grammar). Manual de Gramatica Practica de la Lengua China Moderna(現代中文文法實用手冊. 1986. 4711871501645 720
CW 212 Wilder, G. D. and Ingram, J. H. Analysis Of Chinese Characters (中文字之分析). (Peiping: 1922) 4711871500525 780
An etymological study of 1,000 characters. Each character is explained according to the Shuo Wen, a dictionary of the second century A.D. The authors introduce the modern and the seal forms of the character and its component parts. In addition, primary and extended meanings and the composition of each character are explained.
ALS 30 Dian Wen K. Chinn, Practical Chinese Letter (實用中文信函書寫). 1Writing. 1980. xii, 124pp. 4711871501553 480
CW 151 Aubazac, L. Dictionnaire Cantonnais-Francals (粵法字典). (Hong Kong: 1912) 4711871499966 1,400
The characters in this Cantonese-French dictionary are arranged in alphabetical order according to the French latinization of the Cantonese pronunciation and by tone. Emphasis is placed upon grammar. Written and spoken usages are clearly delineated.
CW 146 Ball, J. D. Cantonese Made Easy (易學粵語): A Book Of Simple Sentences In The Cantonese Dialect, With Free And Literal Translations, And Directions For The Rendering Of English Grammatical Forms In Chinese. 2nd Ed. Revised And Enlarged. 1888) 4711871499911 600
The author has in fact tried to make the learning of Cantonese easy. Starting with the commonest expressions he has placed a great deal of emphasis on colloquial, rather than book language, and in this regard created a book primarily for teaching the everyday spoken language. He does not attempt to teach or even encourage learning of the written language. As an additional aid to the student he has rendered the Chinese expressions into both literal and free translations, hoping to lead the student closer to the meanings of individual Chinese words.
CRAS 5 Harnod Hakanchulu. A Chinese-Mongolian Dictionary (漢蒙字典). 1969. , 1,536pp. 4711871492844 1,600
OS 3 Grace Wan. A Guide to Gwoyeu Tsyrdean (國語字典指南). 1969.43pp 4711871492868 200
OS 38 Frederick W. Donner, Jr. A Preliminary Glossary of Chinese Linguistic Terminology (中國語言術語之辭彙), x,117pp. 4711871502024 320
CW 72 Nash, V. Trindex, An Index To Three Dictionaries (三字典引得) (Peiping). 4711871492806 660
This index provides a student with direction on how to use Giles' Chinese English Dictionary, the K'ang Hsi dictionary and the P'ei Wen |Yun Fu. Each character has been listed with Wade romanization, serial number in Giles', location in the K'ang Hsi, and rhyme character under which it is found in the P'ei Wen Yun Fu.
CW 183 Ekins, J. China's Place In Philology (中國在語言學的地位-歐亞同源): An Attempt To Show That The Languages Of Europe And Asia Have A Common Origin. 1871) 4711871500259 680
Through a philological analysis of the Chinese, Semitic, and Turanian language families, Edkins attempts to prove the veracity of the Biblical assertion that all men once shared a common language. Following introductory remarks concerning comparative institutions and geographical distribution of languages, the author proceeds to a technical discussion of the various languages. He asserts that the primeval language was monosyllabic and that this appears most strongly in the Chinese language, proof that the Chinese left Western Asia about 5,000 years ago. Semitic language developed later and had a syntactic influence on the languages of Southeast and Central Asia. Japanese, Dravidian, and Mongol are analyzed as representative of the development of Turanian language family Edkin maintains that the primeval monosyllabic language is still evident in the radical syllabaries of modern European languages.
ALS 43 Kibbey M. Home, Chinese Food for the Modern Marco Polo (中國菜).1985. viii, 270pp. Mandarin, English, Cantonese glossaries, character dictionary. 4711871501676 860
OS 16 Chang-kyun Yu. Sa-seong Thong-ko or Ssu-sheng T'ung-k'ao (A Comprehensive Study of Four Tones) (四聲通考). 1973. xxiv, 286pp. 4711871498365 660